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Harnack-Haus, Ihnestraße 16-20, 14195 Berlin

Guidelines for registration:

  • Enter the page Online registration , for people who have registered at please login by inputting the e-mail address and password; for registered users who forget the password please click "Password forgotten"; for new users please click "New registration"(free !).
  • When you login successfully, click "Personal information", then below the "Your activities" you will see "30th CGCA Annual Conference", click the button "Register".
  • After you click the button "Register", you can make your choice, please click "submit" after all information is given.
  • You will see "Registered" for the "30th CGCA Annual Conference" under "Your activities".
  • Please contact in case you have any difficulties.
The conference will provide all participants who pay the registration fee with a printed program, two-day coffee break through 20-21 April , a wonderful banquet(Banquet Program) on the 20th provided by Harnack-Haus, and a visit to Fritz-Haber Institute on 21st. Registration fee:
  • 30 Euro bank transfer for students and formal members (additional 10 Euro will be charged if you pay on the conference site);
  • 40 Euro bank transfer for postdoctoral fellows and other paticipants who does not hold a permanent position. (additional 10 Euro will be charged if you pay on site);
  • Other participants 100 Euro;
  • Participants who plan to have a city tour in Berlin on 19th and Potsdam on 22nd, the registration fee is 350 Euro, including tickets, transportation and catering. ( Sightseening Details)
Please transfer the amount to the below bank account, quoting the name and "30th CGCA Annual Conference in Berlin" on the form under the heading "Purpose of payment":

Kontoinhaber: Gemeinschaft Chinesischer Chemiker und Chemieingenieure in Deutschland (GCCCD) e.V.

Konto Nr: 157285516

Bank: Kreissparkasse Koeln

Bankleitzahl: 37050299

IBAN: DE49 3705 0299 0157 2855 16


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